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Tmhits Roadmap. Yzy näme bolar? Что будет дальше:

2017 - 2018


1) Video conversion based on input file, better input better output
2) Top Languages dropdown (Done! May 18, 2010)
3) More usability (Delete comments, Done! (requested by ejesh9393))
4) Play all artist songs, Done! Feb 20, 2011/videos in playlist
5) Play my favorites in playlist
6) /movies ->watch movies (only for paid users)
7) Add English and other Central Asian languages (Done!)
8) Create playlists on the fly, and play them (VEVO style)
9) My Friends list
   - add to my friends (any tmhits users)
   - view my friends (add to my website)
   - when sending messages -> typing TO user, ability to get it from user list AJAX
10) mod_rewrite optimization (better support)
11) Artists Pages (Done! May 23, 2010)
    - users can add to Faves (when added to faves, users receive notifications when new song of artist added)
    - show how many users are fans
12) iPhone/iPod support (vid conversion)
13) Who is online, show online users in one place, and online icon next to online users' names. (Done! Oct 1, 2010)
14) Tags for songs/videos
15) Change nick (requested by Atashka1)

2005 - 2009